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B022 - Kon-Gawa Gusoku (Natori) Samurai Armour


The Kon-Gawa Samurai Gusoku is a traditionally handcrafted samurai suit of armour with a leather wrapped Do which was to help protect the steel plates below.  Some samurai clans would wrap their armour in leather hides to help keep their armor from being nicked, chipped or scratched while in traveling or in combat.  When needed they would replace the leather, giving their armor a new look at very little cost.  

     Like all armor crafted by the Iron Mountain Armory, the Kon-Gawa Yoroi is authentically handcrafted by skilled samurai armor crafters and is yet another true work of iron art.   Available in 3 different quality level sereis: Kachi, Gashira, Taisho.  

The armour comes with a traditional box and stand for storage or display.

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Choose your finish qualityKatchi, Gashira or Taisho Class
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