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 The eboshi (boshi) refers to a type of hat worn throughout historical Japan and are uniformly black in color.  The name translates to “bird hat” because it resembles the feather of a black bird.   Over time the style / shape of the eboshi developed along with the many different hairstyles, to show one’s rank within Japanese society.  As the bushi rose in power & stature, so did the eboshi they used in daily life.  Typically the eboshi was only worn after “gempuku” (The ceremony of passage to adulthood ~ typically the age of 12).  In general taller “tate-eboshi” where worn by higher ranking samurai, while the smaller eboshi where worn by inferior samurai, officials, standard-bearers and the like.  

     The hikitate-eboshi is similar to the nae-eboshi (a soft hat used by commoners) but where adapted to the warrior class as they rose in power.  Much like the tate-eboshi (worn by nobles), it is a tall hat which stands up straight (20~40cm tall) or up and back.  Showing a humbled status between commoner and noble, this eboshi was more pliable; so it could be worn under the kabuto.  This made it more favored by the warrior samurai class and quickly became known as the “samurai eboshi”.   Over time the hikitate-eboshi incorporated white ties around the brim, which would help hold the eboshi secure while the warrior galloped on horseback or engaged in warfare.    

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