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Sashimono Samurai Banner


Sashimono (banner) were worn by ashigaru (common soldier) as well as the elite samurai and in special holders on the horses of some cavalry samurai. The banners, resembling small flags and bearing clan symbols, were most prominent during the Sengoku period (Warring Period - 15th to early 17th century).

The designs on sashimono were usually very simple geometric shapes, sometimes accompanied by Japanese characters providing the name of the leader or clan, the clan's mon, or a clan's slogan. Often, the background color (traditionally white)of the flag indicated which army unit the wearer belonged to, while different divisions in these armies emblazoned their own design or logo on it. However, the presence of the daimyo's mon was used more commonly than the design or logo of the unit, as battles could often get quite large and complicated; being able to recognize friend from foe at a glance is of the utmost importance in battle.

Sometimes elite samurai, who were sufficiently famed or respected, had their own personal design or name featured on their sashimono as opposed to that of their division. We are happy to add your personal design for an additional £20.  Please email us the design with printable size of 40cm wide.

If you are planning to wear this banner on the back of your armor, you should order the installation of Ukezutsu & Gattari (banner holder)

Family Crests:
The family crests can be painted onto the sashimono at no additional charge and be painted onto the chest of your armor and/or yoroi bitsu(storage box)at no extra charge.

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