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DA700 - Kusunoki Masashige Ito Odashi Yoroi


This beautiful Konito-Odoshi (color-laced) Samurai yoroi (suit of armor) was handcrafted by the finest craftsmen at the Iron Mountain Armory in honor of Kusunomki Masashige.  Kusunoki Masashige (楠木 正成, 1294 – July 4, 1336) began as a common land owner who answered emperor Go-Daigo’s request for military assistance during the Nanbokucho Wars. With only five hundred men to his credit, he quickly rose through the ranks becoming a high ranking general loyal to the emperor Go-Daigo during the Nanbokucho Wars. Kusunoki proved himself as a brilliant tactician and strategist by his cunning defense of two key Loyalist fortresses at Akasaka and Chihaya; which enabled Go-Daigo brief return to power.   

     Kusunoki, in what would later be viewed as the ultimate act of samurai loyalty, obediently accepted his Emperor's foolish command, left his death poem with his young son Masatsura and knowingly marched his army into certain death.  Following his death scholars and samurai in the Edo Period, resurrected his name, enshrined Kusunoki Masashige as a patriotic hero, called Nankō (楠公) or Dai-Nankō (大楠公), who epitomized loyalty, courage, and devotion to the Emperor. His image was again used in World War II propaganda posters to keep soldiers loyal to the emperor.

Available in 2 different quality classes: Gashira, Taisho. 

The armour comes with a traditional box and stand for storage or display.

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