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TTM - Tatami Folding Samurai Armour


Japanese tatami armour, or tatami gusoku "To fold" and gusok was a type of lightweight portable folding Japanese armour worn during the feudal era of Japan by the samurai class and their foot soldiers (ashigaru).

Due to the lightweight design and easy of carrying and concealment, this armour was often used by the Shinobi (Ninja) warriors also.

Kachi: Basic cloth with armor plates sewn on (no chainmail). Includes Do, kote & suneate

Gashira: Padded cloth with armor plates sewn on dō, plated mail on the kote and suneate.  Includes sode and matching hachigane. 

Taisho: Gashira + plated mail on do. Includes tatami kabuto (plated mail cap).

Taisho +: Taisho class with tatami zukin (armoured hood) 

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