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HO2 - Gin-Ryu Samurai Armour


Designed out of the pages of the graphic novel Gin-Ryu, written by Grandmaster Soke Stephen J. Egged.  The Gin-Ryu Gusoku (Silver Dragon Armuor) is a unique design that features iron scales to protect the shoulders, upper chest / back and upper legs.  The shikoro (neck guard) and yodare-kake (throat guard)feature simulated iron plated scales. The symbol of the Gin-Ryu is painted on the chest, forearms and knees of the armour.  

Each iron scale is laced onto the iron laminated armour with a black silk cord (kuro ito-odoshige) creating an extra layer of protection and beauty that demands the respect equally on and off the field of battle.  The kegutsu (Samurai Fur Shoes) are also included

Available in Taisho series only. 
This armour comes with a traditional box and stand for storage or display.


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