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B016 - Sanada Yukimura Samurai Armour


Sanada Saemon-no-Suke Yukimura (Sanada Yukimura, 1567 - 1615) was a Japanese samurai known for being an excellent military tactician. Though his army was comparatively small, he won many battles even though they were outnumbered. Through his daring strategies and feats he would gain fame and forever hold a place in Japanese history. Sanada Yukimura was called "A Hero who may appear once in hundred years" and "the crimson demon of war". Shimazu Tadatsune (arguably the best performer in the invasion of Korea) called him the "number one warrior in Japan".

The antlers on Sanada's helmet (hand carved from wood) gave him prowess on the battle field and lifted the moral of his men as he could be easily spotted by his men on the field of battle. 

The armour comes with a traditional box and stand for storage or display.

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