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B010 - Kasai Samurai Armor


 The Saika-Shu where known for their skill with firearms and their strong spirit. This was a strong clan of mostly Buddhist monks, which because of their strong spirit, were often not under the rule of any particular warlord. So tenacious was this clan that they even fought amongst themselves. 

     They also fought as mercenaries for feudal warlords and quickly became wealthy and had no need to fight for money. With their own fleet of ships they became involved in trading and commerce with far-away lands. Seeing the advantage of firearms, the Saika-Shu had over 4,000 expert musketeers that even the musketeers of the famous Oda Nobunaga could not match them. It took Oda Nobunaga over 10 years to finally defeat the Saida-Shu clan. 

The armour comes with a traditional box and stand for storage or display.

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