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B006 - Akai Oni Samurai


 The Akai Oni samurai where led into battle by the Warlord Kai-Takeda, as elite troops picked for the honour and heroism. Their armor was painted a dark red to resemble cinnabar, a mineral used to show luxury. Over time more and more of the Takeda clan samurai rose higher in notoriety and more and more of the Takeda samurai wore red samurai armour. Over time these samurai where known as the Red Army. 

      The Takeda clan ruled from the Kai providence for 400 years (12th to 16 century). They quickly rose and became one of the most powerful clans in feudal Japan. Their clan moto was Loyalty and Fraternity. They where known for their calvalry charge. The Takeda banner stated "fu rin ka zan" (wind, forest, fire, mountain) which stands for Swift as the wind, silent as the forest, intrusive as fire, and immovable as a mountain. 

The armour comes with a traditional box and stand for storage or display.

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