Is this armour made in Japan?

No, the armour is hand crafted in Zhejiang, China. However the armoury is Japanese owned and managed. China offers a more economical labour force and product availability than Japan. The workers at this armoury work under the guidance of skilled craftsman and artisans who have 124 years of combined experience in armour crafting. Until recently they where only making armour for the Japanese market.

Will this armour fit me?

Each suit of armour fits your "average" adult of 5' 6" and 165 lbs with a 42" chest. However our armour will fit most adults from 5' up to 6' tall with no customisation needed for height. The front and back of the armour can be easily adjusted to fit up to a 46" chest size. We do offer custom sizing. Please contact us for more details.

Do you offer any customisations?

We can offer custom painting of family crest, name, kanji or symbols on the armour or bitsu (Armour Box) We would need you to email us a .jpg file of what you would like painted and where. We would then provide you with a quote.

Is the armour real or for display only?

Yes, they are made in the same traditional design and with traditional techniques that the armour craftsman used over 500 years ago. The only thing that has changed is some of the tools used to make the armour. It looks great on display in your room or while wearing it on the field of battle.

What gauge steel do you use?

We use 16 gauge steel on the main section of the armour, kabuto, dô, suneate, kote, kusazuri & haidate. We use 19 gauge steel on the sode, wakibiki, shikoro & menpo.

I see armour on auction sites selling for less money, why?

If you see their armour being sold for more then 15% off the suggested retail price, the seller is not likely selling our armour or is reselling the armour (pre-owned).
If you see pictures of our armour being offered by a company in China or Hong Kong it is a knock off. There are companies and sellers like "lastarmor", "zbinstore9", "liren88f" and others who are using our armour photographs and we have NO relationship with us we are not responsible for any of your claims, loss, damage and whatever happens by their unauthorized Chinese copies.

Q: Do you rent armor?

A: Yes we rent samurai armour! Rentals require a security deposit.  The typical rental fee is £350 for the first 5 days and £100 for each additional day (depending on model).  Upon the return of the armor, the rental fee will be deducted from the security deposit, along with any damages or missing items.  We only accept deposits via cash or PayPal. For TV and movie rental, please contact us for more details on samurai armor, costume and weapon availability.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Yes, please follow this link to view our terms and conditions.

Q: Do you ship internationally and if yes, how much is shipping to my country? How can I pay?

A: Yes, we ship worldwide factory direct via FedEx.  We ship factory direct, VAT is is charged, however local import tax may be charged on arrival. For detailed shipping costs, please add the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart, enter your full shipping address and you will be provieded with shipping costs before any payment information is requested.  Once you select your shipping option, you continue to place your order via PayPal.We accept PayPal.

Q: Is the armour real or for display only?

A: Yes they are real. They are made in the same traditional design and using the same traditional techniques as the armor craftsman used over 500 years ago. The only thing that has changed is some of the tools used to make the armour and using spot welding techniques with the rivets (this helps make the armor more durable). It looks great on display in your room or while wearing it on the field of battle.

Q: Is the armour battle ready?

A: Although we do not recommend or sell our armour to be used in any form of combat, it is however very capable of being used and withstanding the rigors of training and full contact sparring. Along with traditional armour crafting, we believe in traditional armour testing. Our armor has been tested with great success using fully functional, live samurai swords.

Q: I want to build and paint my own armour, do you sell unfinished or parts of the armor only?

A: We do not offer unfinished or parts only directly on our website, but please feel free to contact us to request pricing for any specific part of the armour or material.  Keep in mind that most parts are more costly because of the higher shipping cost.

Q: What is the main difference between your armour and traditional Japanese made armour made back in the 16th and 17th centuries?

A: Like we mentioned before, our armour is crafted in the traditional Yokohagi Okegawa ni-mai dô style, which consist of individual armor plates riveted together.  This is much like modern armour.  The armour was riveted together making it easier to replace damaged plates and so the armor will be more flexible and shock absorbent.  The only difference is that we use some spot welding to help strengthen the armor plates and we use new eco-friendly paints instead of the older, more toxic lacquer paint.  Besides that, the armour is made in the same fashion it was 500 years ago.  Oh, our armour is also made to fit the average adult European male (see the size chart).

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